Reflection: Multimedia course


For this post, I want to take a moment and reflect on my experience in the Multimedia class. I received my Bachelors Degree three years ago and began teaching right away, then decided it was time to go back to school and technology has always been something that has fascinated me so I went for it. I decided to take this class and another as my first courses in the program during the Summer session of 2015. I wanted to begin during the summer session because I felt that since I am on summer break from work, I could really use this as an opportunity to experience the program without the distraction of work. However, one of my biggest challenges was simply getting back into the swing of managing the idea of homework and setting time aside to read, learn and explore. I can’t imagine if I had been away from the school setting any longer! I had to setup times to “go to school” and have conversations with family to make it clear that “mommy was working” and needed to be alone. Another challenge that I faced was in exploring all the different programs available online and then choosing one to use for the various assignments. I gained familiarity with so many different programs to create all of the artifacts and often got overwhelmed with the number of programs available and then with all the things each had to offer. However, after completing the projects I always felt a sense of pride and growth because I felt true ownership of the project and could visually see the results of my learning. The artifact that I feel was my best was the Podcast assignment where I explored the idea of podcasts and created an introductory episode for use in my classroom. I was so proud of this project because I think I felt that it reflected exactly what I wanted while exploring this program. To develop skills in order to help myself as an educator, use technology effectively in the classroom to increase student learning, not simply for the sake of using technology. I plan on using podcasting in my classroom because of this course, I think it will be extremely beneficial for my students to have the ability to listen to a series of podcasts at home and continue learning the target language outside of the classroom. I am extremely grateful that this was one of the first courses I took because I felt that the organization of Dr. Hall was extremely helpful in getting me started in the program. I also learned how to use so many different programs that I may be able to apply in other courses and will apply in my classroom.

About jasminequezada

I’m extremely lucky to call Boise Idaho, an outdoor haven of a beautiful little city, the place I call home. I teach 4th grade dual language. This means that I teach native English speakers, Spanish, and native Spanish speakers, English, by using both languages to teach the regular 4th grade curriculum to nine year old’s. I also have an extremely creative and inquisitive seven year old son who keeps me playing, laughing, and on my toes all day long, he is my favorite person. My boyfriend’s name is Victor and he is my partner in discovering the outdoors, which is why living in Boise is perfect for us! While I enjoy being outdoors, I also love technology and all of the doors it has opened to humanity to learn, grow, and evolve. This is why I consider it vital for myself as an educator to delve deeper into this technological world so I can continue to serve as a guide for my students, in their discovery of the world.

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