EdTech 543: Curation in Action!


Artifact Introduction:

During our fifth week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to explore curation by:

  • Developing a checklist of 15 to 20 criteria that will serve as a tool for assessing the quality & value of an education-related curated topic with our PLN.
  • Using a curation tool like Scoopit, Educlipper, LessonPaths, PearlTrees, Livebinders, etc. curate a topic (with 25 resources) of our choice, applicable to our content areas and/or grade level.
  •  Post it on any platform (Facebook, Blog post) so both us & our mini-PLN group can give feedback to one another using the criteria we developed.
  • Self-assess the value of our own curation using all of our group’s curation criteria in our assessment (& post the results in the comments section where we posted our link to the Curated Topic)
  • Assess our group members curation’s using the same checklist & ensuring that we again, use all of our group’s curation criteria in our assessment, noting what was especially noteworthy & also what needs further development/tweaking. 

Artifact 1: Curated Content

The Classroom Redesign: Flexible Seating  


Artifact 2: Self-Assessment using Curation Criteria


The process my PLN used to create this checklist was very smooth running. One of our group members (Katie) initiated action and decide upon a (fantastic & creative) theme for our checklist because she wanted to complete the assignment sooner than later. We used Google Docs, E-mail, and Facebook Messenger to communicate. We created our Curation Criteria using Google Docs & posting our work in different colors to see exactly what we were doing and then it was streamlined and revised by each of us individually to share with the class. I think our PLN will work well together on future projects & I am excited to see our growth as a network.

Standard Connection:

AECT Standard 1.2 Using:In order to create the content curation I needed to select and use technological resources and processes by conducting research on curation and applying it to curate. I did this to learn how to and provide information for others on how to effectively support student learning and to enhance our pedagogies.

AECT Standard 4.3 Reflection on Practice: In order to create my content curation I needed to  analyze and interpret the curation criteria data that my PLN compiled and ensure that my content curation reflected the effectiveness of the design, development and implementation of technology-supported instruction and learning to enhance my own & others professional growth.




About jasminequezada

I’m extremely lucky to call Boise Idaho, an outdoor haven of a beautiful little city, the place I call home. I teach 4th grade dual language. This means that I teach native English speakers, Spanish, and native Spanish speakers, English, by using both languages to teach the regular 4th grade curriculum to nine year old’s. I also have an extremely creative and inquisitive seven year old son who keeps me playing, laughing, and on my toes all day long, he is my favorite person. My boyfriend’s name is Victor and he is my partner in discovering the outdoors, which is why living in Boise is perfect for us! While I enjoy being outdoors, I also love technology and all of the doors it has opened to humanity to learn, grow, and evolve. This is why I consider it vital for myself as an educator to delve deeper into this technological world so I can continue to serve as a guide for my students, in their discovery of the world.

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