EdTech 543: Personal Learning Environments


Artifact Introduction:

During our fifth week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to explore personal learning environments (PLE’s) by:

  • Creating a PLE diagram of our online communities
  • Representing at least 10 different online communities in our graphic and explicitly showing connections between the communities.
  • Post a link and screenshot of our PLE so our classmates could view it on Facebook & Tweet our diagram out using the #EdTechSN hashtag
  • Complete a Reflection via a blog post addressing the following:
    • What did you learn about yourself when looking at your PLE?
    • Visit your classmates’ (min. 6) PLE posts.  How does your PLE compare to other peers in class?
    • Write a self-reflection and a comparative analysis that discusses similarities and differences between yours and your classmates’ diagrams.

Artifact #1: PLE 


Artifact #2: Reflection

Connie Malamed describes Personal Learning Environments as “A self-directed and evolving environment of tools, services and resources organized by a person seeking a way to accomplish lifetime learning, to create, and to connect with others of similar interests” (Malamed, 2014) I thought of a Christmas tree because just like we collect ornaments over time to enhance our Christmas trees our PLE’s get enhanced over time with various tools. The tools are not in a hierarchical order just like our ornaments are not on our tree, but they are organized by type of tool (as seen by the labels). I purposefully put the collaborating tools outside the tree because collaboration happens regularly and with many of the same tools, when communicating, collecting, and creating.

When creating my PLE I learned just how many tools are a part of my PLE, I truly had no idea & that’s that I didn’t even include all of them! I also learned how many of the tools serve many different purposes for me. For example, I learned that the way I use FaceBook & Twitter has evolved from not only communicating but collaborating & this has only occurred recently. I also learned which tools I am more comfortable using as those are the tools that came to me immediately and which I am not as comfortable with, as those came later or didn’t come at all.

When I looked over my classmates’ (Mary, Ally, Kristen, Jana, Patricia, & Katie) PLE’s I found many similarities and differences.  Many of the tools that we included in our PLE’s were similar but there were many that I was not familiar with especially on Jana’s PLE (but this may be because she included a lot of tools). Many of us placed the same tools in different “categories” of our PLE. For example, Ally placed WordPress in collaborating & sharing while I placed it under communicating & creating. I think this is because we use the same tool for different purposes. This is great to see because it may inspire me to use WordPress as more of a collaborative tool as well. Overall, I found it interesting that we used so many different models with various “categories” to describe our PLE. Mary & I used the “4 C’s Model” of collecting, connecting, creating, and collaborating yet even though we used the same model our PLE’s were different. I think this can be connected to how everyone learns things differently. I love the we didn’t have to follow a particular model as it is apparent that we all felt different models better explained our PLE.


Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:

  • AECT Standard 2.2 Using:  Collaborative Practice: – My PLE diagram, I demonstrated how I implement appropriate educational technologies and processes based on appropriate content pedagogy and distinguished the various categories I use to do so.

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I’m extremely lucky to call Boise Idaho, an outdoor haven of a beautiful little city, the place I call home. I teach 4th grade dual language. This means that I teach native English speakers, Spanish, and native Spanish speakers, English, by using both languages to teach the regular 4th grade curriculum to nine year old’s. I also have an extremely creative and inquisitive seven year old son who keeps me playing, laughing, and on my toes all day long, he is my favorite person. My boyfriend’s name is Victor and he is my partner in discovering the outdoors, which is why living in Boise is perfect for us! While I enjoy being outdoors, I also love technology and all of the doors it has opened to humanity to learn, grow, and evolve. This is why I consider it vital for myself as an educator to delve deeper into this technological world so I can continue to serve as a guide for my students, in their discovery of the world.

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