EdTech 543: Final Reflection


Artifact Introduction:

During our final week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to reflect on our learning by:

  • Evaluating another group’s Social Networked Mini Curricular Unit
  • Developing a grading system for the evaluation
  • Writing a final reflection for the course about what we learned & plan to apply to our professional practice
  • Writing a self-assessment about our blog performance throughout the course.
  • Proposing a grade for our blog – out of 75 points.

Artifact #1 A: Screencast evaluation 



Artifact #1 B: Screencast & spreadsheet evaluation 



Artifact #2: Final Reflection

I absolutely loved this course & thought the benefits from taking it will affect my teaching practice in many ways. Below are the key components I learned from this course & how I plan to apply them to my professional practice.

  • Social Media Set Up (M. 1): When we first started the course I learned about several platforms that can be used for classroom communication that I had never really explored. Since the beginning of this course, I have created a class Google site for my classroom & have requested our school to create a Facebook page to keep parents in touch!
  • PLN & PLE (M. 2): When starting I had no idea what these acronyms meant & now I understand their importance and significance in the classroom. I appreciated that we got to create a PLN in the course & that we expanded our learning using these resources. This is one of my biggest takeaways!  I also loved working with Ally, Katie, & Ben the members of my PLN!
  • TweekDeck, Live PD, & Digital Footprints (M. 3): This was my favorite part of this course. Very eye opening! I had no idea that Twitter was such a resource. The live twitter chats & webinars that I participated in were so helpful. I plan on participating in more of these twitter chats in the future as I found them to be very beneficial and they expanded my PLN significantly. I want to share this with all of my colleagues as there is a wealth of information waiting on Twitter!
  • Content Curation (M. 4): I loved using  ScoopIt to curate content.  I thought that of the ones I explored it was the most user-friendly and allowed for easy curation and comments. Curation was something I had never previously considered & it even seems like a job I might one day want to look into.
  • PLE Diagram (M. 5): By creating my PLE diagram, I realized all the different things that make up my personal learning environment. This course helped my PLE to expand significantly & I hope that it will only continue to expand!
  • Research & Social Media Policies (M. 6): I loved having the opportunity to explore the policies other teachers employ to use social media in their classrooms. I loved synthesizing all of the things I learned in order to create my own policies. I liked working with my PLN & loved how our social media policy came out using the ABC’s.
  • Social Media Mini Unit (M. 7):  I think my PLN worked very well together and I love having the opportunity to use technology to collaborate. I think the unit we created is going to be very useful and that we employed social media effectively. I loved going through the peer review process through a screencast, I had never used Screencast-o-matic before & it was very user-friendly. I want to employ this wonderful idea that allowed me to see what other groups did for their  mini units in my own classroom since it was so easy to use.

I am excited that I have learned so much throughout this course that can be immediately employed in my own classroom. I know my students will greatly benefit from me being exposed to such great information. I give myself  75 out of 75 points on my blog posts because every post is very thorough. I made sure I included all that was expected by outlining the requirements at the beginning & then including a reflection/connection to the standards at the end of every post.

Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:

AECT Standard 4.3  Reflection on Practice: In this assignment, I analyzed and interpreted data & artifacts & reflected on the effectiveness of the design, development & implementation of technology (social media) in my work in this course, in order to support instruction & learning to enhance my professional growth.

AECT Standard 4.4 Assessing/Evaluating: In this assignment, I designed & implemented assessment & evaluation plans using screencasting & a spreadsheet to align with learning goals & instructional activities (provided).






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I’m extremely lucky to call Boise Idaho, an outdoor haven of a beautiful little city, the place I call home. I teach 4th grade dual language. This means that I teach native English speakers, Spanish, and native Spanish speakers, English, by using both languages to teach the regular 4th grade curriculum to nine year old’s. I also have an extremely creative and inquisitive seven year old son who keeps me playing, laughing, and on my toes all day long, he is my favorite person. My boyfriend’s name is Victor and he is my partner in discovering the outdoors, which is why living in Boise is perfect for us! While I enjoy being outdoors, I also love technology and all of the doors it has opened to humanity to learn, grow, and evolve. This is why I consider it vital for myself as an educator to delve deeper into this technological world so I can continue to serve as a guide for my students, in their discovery of the world.

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