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Analysis of the Discovery Learning Theory


Artifact Introduction: During our first week in Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology, we were to review a serious of resources including the textbook Theoretical Foundations of Learning Environments. We were then to choose a learning theory to research and reflect upon on. I chose the Discovery Learning Theory and my reflection on it is included below.



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Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:  This assignment required me to delve into several articles and websites to develop a thorough understanding of the Discovery Learning Theory.  I got the experience to analyze various perspectives and synthesize the information I’ve learned to explain the theory clearly.

  • AECT Standard 5.1 Theoretical Foundations: To write about the Discovery Learning Theory, I had to develop and then demonstrate foundational knowledge of the contribution of research to the past and current theory of educational communications and technology.
  • AECT Standard 5.3 Assessing/Evaluating – o write about the Discovery Learning Theory, I had to apply formal inquiry strategies in assessing and evaluating processes and resources for learning and performance.