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Ed-Tech 504: Final Reflective Journal


Artifact Introduction: During our final week in Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology, we were to reflect upon our learning and experiences in this course. Specifically, we were to compose our final reflecting journal-learning log and answer the following questions:

  1. What were the most important things I learned this semester?

  2.  How was my teaching (or thoughts about teaching) impacted by what I learned or experienced this semester?

  3. Did I (or will I) use the projects, skills, or ideas from this course in my teaching, training, or professional practice? If so, how?

  4. Select three of the projects/assignments you created/wrote in this class and read the description of the related AECT standard. Then answer this question: How do these projects/assignments demonstrate my mastery of the AECT standards?


References: N/A

Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection: Included within artifact above.


Analysis of the Discovery Learning Theory


Artifact Introduction: During our first week in Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology, we were to review a serious of resources including the textbook Theoretical Foundations of Learning Environments. We were then to choose a learning theory to research and reflect upon on. I chose the Discovery Learning Theory and my reflection on it is included below.



Ertmer, P. A., & Newby, T. J. (2013). Behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism: Comparing critical features from an instructional design perspective. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 26(2), 43-71. doi:10.1002/piq.21143

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Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:  This assignment required me to delve into several articles and websites to develop a thorough understanding of the Discovery Learning Theory.  I got the experience to analyze various perspectives and synthesize the information I’ve learned to explain the theory clearly.

  • AECT Standard 5.1 Theoretical Foundations: To write about the Discovery Learning Theory, I had to develop and then demonstrate foundational knowledge of the contribution of research to the past and current theory of educational communications and technology.
  • AECT Standard 5.3 Assessing/Evaluating – o write about the Discovery Learning Theory, I had to apply formal inquiry strategies in assessing and evaluating processes and resources for learning and performance.