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Ed-Tech 543:


Artifact Introduction:

During our sixth week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to explore ways schools are using Social Networking by:

  • Finding 10-15 educational projects that successfully using social networking & social media as teaching and learning strategies for our content/grade level. Ensuring that social networking was a central component.
  • Curate the located projects via one of the curation tools.
  • Write a brief description for each project that describes its connection to our content area interest.
  • Write a blog post about the key learning/ideas/applications about using social media in our teaching/learning environment we discovered through our research.

Artifact #1: Curation of Social Networking Projects

Artifact #2: Reflection

While finding educational projects that used social networking to enhance learning in the fourth-grade dual language classroom I was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of resources out there. I started by searching Skype in the classroom, which has it’s own page where there are lessons, virtual field trips, ideas, and a whole bunch of other information on how teachers have and are using Skype in their classrooms. It really made me appreciate how much teachers are ensuring that their classrooms are truly connected and preparing students to be active participants in the 21st century. There is a wealth of information out there on the reasons to use a blogging platform such as EduBlogs in the classroom to have students develop a passion for writing and to share their writing with an authentic audience, I explored some of these suggestions during my curation. I also explored Twitter, which I have started to feel more comfortable with because our classroom has our own Twitter account and we use it for reflection on a daily basis. Last year we also did started a #KidsPoetweet hashtag (& are hoping to expand it this year) where students wrote short poems and shared them to an authentic audience and even got to read others poetry! Instagram provided a wealth of ideas for the “dual language” portion of our classroom and using this network to develop vocabulary since images are such a great way to do so. It was so interesting to see how there are so many people out there sharing ideas & all we have to do is connect with others, share ideas & go off on our way to using social networking in the classroom as a tool to enhance student learning.

Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:

AECT Standard 5.2  Method: In this assignment I had to apply research methodologies to find resources using social networking in the fourth grade classroom, solve problems and in this way enhance my practice.