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RSS in Education


Artifact Introduction: During our third week in Introduction to Educational Technology, we were introduced to RSS & the benefits and uses in the education profession. We subscribed to different feeds that we were interested in and also to our classmate’s learning logs. Afterward, we reviewed how to make a lesson plan and develop objectives. Our project was to then use all of the information we learned and reviewed to create a lesson plan for our classroom’s that incorporates RSS. I decided to create a lesson plan to have my students use RSS to subscribe and keep up with their classmate’s blogs in order to provide an efficient way to provide feedback and critique one another.

Reflection of Learning: I enjoyed this lesson very much because once I began exploring Feedly and learned how to use RSS to bring information to me instead of looking for information, I felt that I had access to a wealth of knowledge that I had never felt before. I found myself using Feedly so much throughout this week to plan and obtain ideas for my lesson because I had so much information, that I was interested in, at my fingerprints.  What was difficult was trying to go through the mental process of simplifying and explaining RSS to my students. I realized after trying to put it into words, that this was much better learned through experiencing it first hand, just like I had done. Therefore, I included time in my lesson plan for the students to use Feedly to explore their classmates blogs. If I had more time I would like to develop this lesson into a unit to specify what my students will be blogging about on a monthly basis. Currently, we do monthly projects, but I would really like to make them all technology related so they can be put into their blogs. Therefore, I plan on developing some new projects to further extend this plan. Using Feedly as the feed reader to access RSS is something I am definitely going to incorporate into my classroom this coming school year.

Artifact: RSS in the 4th Grade Classroom