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EdTech 543: Final Reflection


Artifact Introduction:

During our final week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to reflect on our learning by:

  • Evaluating another group’s Social Networked Mini Curricular Unit
  • Developing a grading system for the evaluation
  • Writing a final reflection for the course about what we learned & plan to apply to our professional practice
  • Writing a self-assessment about our blog performance throughout the course.
  • Proposing a grade for our blog – out of 75 points.

Artifact #1 A: Screencast evaluation 



Artifact #1 B: Screencast & spreadsheet evaluation 



Artifact #2: Final Reflection

I absolutely loved this course & thought the benefits from taking it will affect my teaching practice in many ways. Below are the key components I learned from this course & how I plan to apply them to my professional practice.

  • Social Media Set Up (M. 1): When we first started the course I learned about several platforms that can be used for classroom communication that I had never really explored. Since the beginning of this course, I have created a class Google site for my classroom & have requested our school to create a Facebook page to keep parents in touch!
  • PLN & PLE (M. 2): When starting I had no idea what these acronyms meant & now I understand their importance and significance in the classroom. I appreciated that we got to create a PLN in the course & that we expanded our learning using these resources. This is one of my biggest takeaways!  I also loved working with Ally, Katie, & Ben the members of my PLN!
  • TweekDeck, Live PD, & Digital Footprints (M. 3): This was my favorite part of this course. Very eye opening! I had no idea that Twitter was such a resource. The live twitter chats & webinars that I participated in were so helpful. I plan on participating in more of these twitter chats in the future as I found them to be very beneficial and they expanded my PLN significantly. I want to share this with all of my colleagues as there is a wealth of information waiting on Twitter!
  • Content Curation (M. 4): I loved using  ScoopIt to curate content.  I thought that of the ones I explored it was the most user-friendly and allowed for easy curation and comments. Curation was something I had never previously considered & it even seems like a job I might one day want to look into.
  • PLE Diagram (M. 5): By creating my PLE diagram, I realized all the different things that make up my personal learning environment. This course helped my PLE to expand significantly & I hope that it will only continue to expand!
  • Research & Social Media Policies (M. 6): I loved having the opportunity to explore the policies other teachers employ to use social media in their classrooms. I loved synthesizing all of the things I learned in order to create my own policies. I liked working with my PLN & loved how our social media policy came out using the ABC’s.
  • Social Media Mini Unit (M. 7):  I think my PLN worked very well together and I love having the opportunity to use technology to collaborate. I think the unit we created is going to be very useful and that we employed social media effectively. I loved going through the peer review process through a screencast, I had never used Screencast-o-matic before & it was very user-friendly. I want to employ this wonderful idea that allowed me to see what other groups did for their  mini units in my own classroom since it was so easy to use.

I am excited that I have learned so much throughout this course that can be immediately employed in my own classroom. I know my students will greatly benefit from me being exposed to such great information. I give myself  75 out of 75 points on my blog posts because every post is very thorough. I made sure I included all that was expected by outlining the requirements at the beginning & then including a reflection/connection to the standards at the end of every post.

Reflection of Learning/Standard Connection:

AECT Standard 4.3  Reflection on Practice: In this assignment, I analyzed and interpreted data & artifacts & reflected on the effectiveness of the design, development & implementation of technology (social media) in my work in this course, in order to support instruction & learning to enhance my professional growth.

AECT Standard 4.4 Assessing/Evaluating: In this assignment, I designed & implemented assessment & evaluation plans using screencasting & a spreadsheet to align with learning goals & instructional activities (provided).